Bruce Prince

Bruce Prince, owner of The Teaneck General Store / Embroideries Unlimited, has been in the textile business for over 25 years. A native of Hudson County, NJ, which, to this day, proudly proclaims itself as the “Embroidery Capital of the World”.

The Teaneck General Store/ Embroideries Unlimited, now specializes in custom apparel that includes athletic and school uniforms, promotional items, tee shirts and sweats and so much more for camps, fundraisers, clubs, schools and corporate events.


The Schiffli Embroidery Association of Hudson County provided a base for new immigrants.
These immigrants hailed from Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Latin America and middle eastern countries that formed the Schiffli manufacturing industry for almost 150 years.

This documentary explores the path of these enterprising groups and was commissioned by the Schiffli Embroidery Association. IT was filmed and edited by documentarian, Meri Lobel.

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